My Customer Loves Her New Kitchen In Minnesota!

My client in Burnsville, MN had contacted us to do new kitchen counter-tops in her home. She wanted to upgrade from the laminate counter-tops that had been there for years to some sort of stone.


We discussed what her needs and expectations were and what sort of result she wanted to see. She was turned off by the care and maintenance that came with slab granite and was unsure of quartz product. Several other options were way over her budget. I asked her what she was thinking about for the walls: keep the back-splash, new paint, wallpaper, tile…and she said she wasn’t quite sure. I told her at Granite Transformations, we have a very attractive, versatile glass back-splash product in an Opal color that went beautifully with several of our granite selections.  She also liked the chance to match the back-splash with granite and also add a fantastic up-scale premium kitchen sink and make those choices right in her home so the colors worked with her cabinets and floor.

I told her our granite product is manufactured in Florida where a polymer resin is added to permanently seal the granite and being maintenance-free is an attractive attribute. The granite product is also locally engineered to exactly fit over her existing counter-tops, negating the need for a lengthy disruption in her kitchen, the time and expense of removing the counter-tops and disposing of them in our too numerous landfills. A really big attraction to her was also that Granite Transformations in Minnesota uses our own installers who have been with us for years; in other words, the factory-trained craftspeople who are working in her house are directly responsible for the quality of the job and satisfaction of the customer and not someone who is an independent contractor waiting for a call from a company who farms out their work to “anybody”, because SHE was not “anybody”. After selecting her color and design choices we discussed the investment in her kitchen and, yes, there was “cheaper” granite, but then she thought she would end up with a cheap kitchen. I kept my eye on the process for her and when Granite Transformations was done, the kitchen certainly had the WOW factor she was looking for.


Curtis Rons, the author, is a paid sales consultant for Granite Transformations in Minnesota.