CHR666 My name is Curtis Rons and I am a relationship builder who loves to help my clients be successful.  I am a Communications and Marketing professional with a wealth of experience working with hundreds of companies of all sizes in a variety of industries and locations.  My clients have been major corporations,  small and medium-size businesses, a variety of retailers, even casinos, prisons and public and private organizations.  I am thankful for the friends I have made but I am most proud of working with and helping hundreds of small and medium-sized companies as they spread their entrepreneurial wings and grow to success.

My most recent passion is for improving communication and collaboration through new platforms and social media concepts.  Social media has not only changed how we interact  but how we work within our organizations to better collaborate with our fellow associates. Organizations no longer push their marketing message out but rather engage and pull clients and prospects to their brand. I strongly believe as you learn more about these new and powerful tools, how they provide a better way to engage with people and understand the unlimited potential social media offers, you will want to embrace this new way of communicating and apply these social media tools and skills to fuel your future happiness and success.

I have started this blog to share stories and insights about sales, communications, marketing, business and my passion for social media.  I hope that what I share with you will either help you, begin a thought process about creativity and change at your organization or start a conversation between us.


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