Small Business and Social Media: Energize Your Business

I hear it all the time:
SMI• “Do I need to be on social media? Most of my other marketing is doing OK.”
• “I don’t know anything about social media.”
• “I don’t have the time or budget to invest in social media.”
• “I already paid $5,000 for a website so that’s all I need, right?”
• “How will likes, connections, selfies and other pictures or videos impact my business?”
Well, these are all great questions and while there are no easy answers. The one defining point is that, yes, you need to be on social media because that is where your customers are, or will continue to migrate to in the near future. Social media is not a plan or action by itself but must be part of your overall business and specifically marketing plan. You can continue to use whatever advertising and promotion that currently works well but just make sure you are realizing a strong ROI, or return on your financial and time investment. You need to do an audit of your marketing activities, keep what is working, get rid of what isn’t then make a commitment to add active social media. Yes, “active” social media. Social media differs from other types of advertising and promotion. We are all familiar with yellow-page ads, running a newspaper or radio ad, or have a sale event: these are all singular placements or events, you place the ad or begin the event and you are “covered”. Social media is unique in these ways:
• You must keep your website “active” with valuable content so clients and prospects visit and keep coming back to learn more, share with friends so they visit and generally tell others how great your business is. This activity is what search engines like and reward you with putting your business on top of search results because your business must be great with all this activity, right?
• Social media can and should collaborate, restate and supercharge your other marketing efforts – working together, the overall result is much more greater, like a multiplier effect.
• Social media does take time which IS money, but you need to do it to keep up or leap ahead of your competition.
• You should do your own social media because you know your business best, are in a great position to communicate your message, brand, image and perception. You have passion for your business, you care more than anyone about your business and that will come across in social media because it is s-o-c-i-a-l, get it?
• Learning how to integrate your business goal(s) with an effective marketing plan that includes social media is not difficult with a little training and will add focus to your business, provide specific activities, new skills and most importantly make an impact financially.

If you have any questions or want to discuss some ideas, don’t hesitate to contact me, I will be happy to help you feel more comfortable with marketing and social media.

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