How Does Better Communication and Relationships Grow Your Business?

communicateFrom corporate CEO’s to small business owners, from executives to lower-level employees, communication that builds relationships is what grows all business. A small business owner with great products but is struggling on how to go to market, or young entrepreneurs who developed some killer app or software but does not know how to monetize their unique idea. A corporate leader who must shift the direction of a company or a division head who must energize the team to embrace the new product and boldly enter new markets. Communication, relationships and marketing today are confusing concepts because they are rapidly changing and evolving, however, there are constant themes that can be understood and embraced.
• Treat people like your most valuable asset…they are. Be a great leader and interact with your employees then they will love working for you; the enthusiasm and energy is contagious and will bring more associates on board and/or draw new customers to your brand. Provide optimal customer service and your clients will grow your referral network through word-of-mouth advertising, the most powerful but inexpensive type known to man.
• Have a plan, with goals and an endpoint. You must develop specific, reasonable, and attainable goals for your business, department or team so everyone knows where you are going, the guideposts along the way and the rewards at the end. Sounds simple, but you would not believe how many people or organizations don’t have a plan or don’t communicate with their group to keep focused on the objectives and their progress or notice a changing environment and adjust tactics or alter the path.
• Use new communication tools. As a leader, you must use new methods of team building and collaboration to help everyone be as efficient, timely and productive as possible. Embrace social media. The internet is now the starting point for people searching for solutions to challenges, so everyone from salespeople to HR directors to engineers and scientists need to understand and participate in social media. Intranets(internal networks) and new social tools assist associates within organizations to share ideas, best practices, solutions and relationships that have been creeping into the darkness of silos and e-mail over the last several decades. Social media networks, groups and chat areas are opening up new contacts, prospects and markets for salespeople and others to grow their business. On-line communities, many private, are bringing together clients, prospects and associates in virtual meetings that are forging new relationships and alliances. People share ideas, information about where current products and solutions are out-performing or coming up short, invaluable (and free) feedback and market research to drive the new ideas for tomorrow and discuss industry trends that turn into opportunities. What will a highly-valued, choice prospect do when they see/hear seven fellow industry colleagues sing the praises of your product or solution while chatting in an on-line community?
It may seem things are changing at lightning speed, however the who, what, when, where and why have pretty much stayed the same…it’s the “how” people communicate and develop those relationships that is changing.

Are you changing too?

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