It Starts With: “May I Help You” and Ends With: “Thank You!”

Does anyone know where customer service has gone in this country?cs2  I guess people just think that the world is so big now and the pace is so fast that either nobody will notice that customer service is missing or there isn’t time for it.  cs3Aren’t we all tired of phone answer trees and of hearing: “Push 1 for Account Information and Push 2 for Billing…”? 

On the negative side, many businesses take your money with nary a Hello or Thank You, just figuring it is enough you made the effort to select their establishment to share your wealth, therefore you are endorsing their business with your wallet and voting by walking in their front door.  On the positive side, it is opening up a great opportunity to separate the haves from the have-nots:  those businesses that have instilled the proper culture and manners in their employees and project the attitude that:  “We know there are many choices out there to spend your money and we greatly appreciate you choosing us”.  It is amazing the number of businesses that relentlessly work at the finer minutiae:  endless tweaking of the cookie recipe at a bakery; a florist has the freshest and most colorful flowers; an auto repair shop has the cleanest and most organized areas.  But they throw all of that away by not valuing your business with customer service.

Yes, it starts with culture, add a smile, a dash of appreciation, a pinch of empathy and finish off with a cup of training (also may have to be re-added later and later) – this is the recipe for business success.  This is what will set you apart from your competition.  This is what leads to word-of-mouth advertising.  This could also lead to positive posting and boasting on many social media platforms as your brand advocates tell your story…for you…free of charge. 

So let’s make a list:CS1

  • Positive attitude and culture – check!
  • A smile and: “May I Help You?” – check!
  • Training and retraining and constant reminders– check!
  • Free word-of-mouth and social media advertising  – check!
  • Happier repeat customers and their friends, aka, your new customers – check!

I only have 2 questions for you, as a business owner:

Are you going to be able to put up with the happy employees, customers and culture in your organization?

Are you going to be able to handle all of the increased business?



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