Empower Your Employees!

Your employees have always been “Brand Ambassadors”.  Historically speaking, employees played an integral part in marketing a business since they spoke across the picket fence with their neighbors many years ago.  Now, in our society, only the method, speed and amount of communication has changed.  Your employees have always talked about their work, good or bad and empowering and encouraging them to responsibly use social media will have a positive result if these steps are taken:

  • Providing specific instruction, guidance, understanding and adherence to a social media policy.
  • Encouraging them to actively participate in communication through social media will engage them more in the job, increase morale and make them an important, positive part of the team.  Besides, they probably already are a “cheerleader” for your business, let’s give them a megaphone.
  • Their activity on Facebook, Tumbler, Google+, Twitter and other platforms exponentially improves your brand reach and adds a new advertising channel you never knew you had.
  • Who knows more about the specifics of their success stories and valuable content than your employees who were right in the middle of the action and want to share through storytelling.

empoweremployeesSo let them engage their industry contacts, friends and relatives to share the positive messages of their everyday experiences working at your organization.  What’s the worst that can happen…that customers and prospects see what a great place it is to work there and you could help them with solutions to their problems?  Besides, you never know where your next client is coming from. Empower your employees today to be your brand ambassadors by providing them with the knowledge, skills and boundaries of social media to send your brand to new heights!

I would love to discuss with you how to empower your employees and turn them into your private army of advocates.  Please contact me if you would like to discuss your challenges or opportunities, how to focus on strategic business goals and integrating those with a comprehensive marketing plan.

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